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‘A Call To Spy’ Review: Women Spymasters Deserve Our Attention.

It was the beginning of the World War II when Hitler already had an edge over his enemies. The British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in a hastily move ordered to induct women spies to sabotage and throttle the Nazi regime in France. A Call to Spy reflects the bravado of such fearless women’s who went on to become the first pillars of France’s liberation.

A Call To Spy bags your attention right from the beginning. After the Nazi forces occupied Poland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Yugoslavia, Greece and Northern France. Hitler, is now poised to cross the English channel. The British intelligence agency SOE (Special Operations Executive) has a crucial task to deliver. There is urgency in the air. And keeping those parameters in mind writer Sarah Thomas has kept a decent pace to the movie. There is no room for gags and laughs. The screenplay is tight, the characters are focused, the discipline is intact, the pressure to deliver is visible, the visuals of Nazi occupied France are convincing. Overall, the movie exceeds itself in story, screenplay and direction.

Written and produced by Sarah Thomas who is also playing a lead character of real life spy Virginia Hall is damning. There are four main characters that push the story forward. Vera Atkins (Stana Katic), Virginia Hall (Sarah Thomas), Noor Inayat Khan (Radhika Apte), Maurice Buckmaster (Linus Roache). Their character performances are so visually immersive and they captivate on our senses. At some point we may even empathize with them when we come across the inner battle they are fighting within themselves. Their nationalism for which they have laid down their lives is truly inspiring and every character has done justice to his/her role.

Final Words

A Call To Spy has strongly delivered itself when it comes to engaging story line and portraying real life characters. What I cherished more is the No Non-sense attitude of the film. You are going to witness strong scenic structure and excelling character performances. The real life heroes who have sacrificed their lives and passion for the world to be at peace deserve our attention.

We would like to know your views in the comment section. May we request you to share this review with your known contacts. Let’s not keep them away from the bravado of women spies.

A Call To Spy is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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