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After We Collided Review: Shakespeare may sue from heaven.

After We Collided is based on a novel by Anna Todd. It acts as a sequel to After starring Hero Fiennes Tiffin & Josephine Langford.

Like I said, this is a story you have heard before. Only the difference is, this is our story, Tessa’s and mine.

– Hardin

The writer on behalf of male lead Hardin ( Hero Fiennes Tiffin ) provides a statutory warning through Hardin’s voice-over; lower down your expectations, this is a story you have heard before so expect clichés.

After We Collided lays pretty low on the emotional roller-coaster ride which is of a prime importance for a Romantic/drama. The audience has to feel the high’s and low’s of the love riddance character but sadly the writers don’t deliver on that front. The story is so basic and smooth that if even you go down for a walk while the movie is being played you can still actually catchup on the entire story. It starts with Hardin & Tessa ( Josephine Langford ) trying to get back together after they parted their ways on a monstrous lie, however there is nothing new or a Big Bang event that will split their universe into some very heated engaging arguments and join them once it cools off. A very basic premise of a guy with a troubled past, handling an addiction, seeking forgiveness for being a bad boy and the girl drooling over her past, non-conclusive of her wants. Even, the climax has nothing to offer and was fairly cold. To put it straight, there was simply no build up to the climax. It seemed as if the scenes were just toggled together and served on a platter. The writers clearly didn’t want to stress much on their brains when it comes to exploring the characters, setup some engaging dialogues and initiate a conclusive build up towards the end. I’m not saying the movie is entirely crap but it may not get that prestige either to end up on a watch-list.

However, the makers have managed to deliver on some top-notch intimate moments. The chemistry between the duo during the steamy sex scenes was warming and felt natural which paved the way for momentarily escapism. The acting performances were quite average. Good looks don’t always account for good performance is what I have gathered from here.

It’s a story you’ve heard before passed down from the Greeks, through Shakespeare, the Brontes, Jane Austen.

– Hardin

The above quote is horrendous and there is an unwarranted parallel drawn between this story and those passed down from the Greeks, through Shakespeare, the Brontes, Jane Austen. In this regard, Shakespeare, may sue them from heaven.

If you have an empty watch-list and have no plans for the day or you’re looking for a light-head romantic drama, then you can give a heads-up for After We Collide. Don’t keep your expectations high, it’s a story you have heard before and it’s only about Hardin and Tessa.

After We Collided is now streaming on Netflix.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

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